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We,, give our best to present all the products on our website so that they seem to appear original and not any over highlighted product.
Inspite of our great efforts been put accurately to produce products in their original colour, style and texture, there might be some minimal variations from the actual one. Products with sequins may often come off even with best and careful handling, so you should be aware of the fact while placing such orders. Some of the fabrics show tendency to reflect textured effects as a proof of their authenticity. Such products should never be mistaken as a faulty one. Handicraft, hand dyed, items will have certain minor differences. Please do keep in mind that the excellent raw finish of handicrafts items should never be compared with machine finished products because the raw finish is the ultimate beauty of these handicrafts items. It is practically impossible for us to produce exactly the same colors on a product as seen on the website from your computer. A minor variation in the shade of colours that you select is considered as a normal practice as the colour of the products, show some changing tendency in their shades if exposed to different light, weather, monitor or camera used for taking these images. This is an awareness for our customers so, we would like to request you that please keep these factors in mind before placing your order.